Kings Point: Manny & Jane [additional scene]

Summers Henderson worked as assistant editor and associate producer, and was credited as Associate Editor, on this 30-minute documentary, which was produced and directed by Sari Gilman.  The film is named after the Kings Point retirement community in Delray Beach, Florida, where seniors over 55 years old have chosen a life segregated from the young.  The documentary introduces several people who have been living in Kings Point for over 20 years -- experiencing an extended, final stage of life, while those around them fall ill and die.


These additional scenes are rough cuts that were edited by Summers from out-takes.  These scenes were not included in the final film.


"Kings Point" won the Jury Award for Best Short Film at the Silverdocs Documentary Festival.  It screened at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, the Woodstock Film Festival, the Hamptons International Film Festival, and the San Francisco International Film Festival, where it won the Golden Gate Award for Documentary Short.  "Kings Point" was broadcast on HBO and was one of five films nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.


Kings Point: David & Koreen [additional scene]